Simple budgeting

Expert module matching structure of the budget makes the planning and defining the budget has never been so easy. It is enough to answer some questions related to the project and the application will propose the most appropriate structure of the budget, which you can modify as you want.

Automatic registration

KeyPM allows full recording of all income and expenses at the level of tasks, steps, and the whole project. Automatic calculation of costs with the included mechanisms for time registration allows you to automatically create budgets during the realization of the project. If you want to learn more watch the video tutorial.

Current control of project budgets

KeyPM allows you to easily monitor and analyze all income and expenses of the project. This enables the Project Manager for access to the current state budget. Automatic notification of detected exceedances of the budget consists of valuable information for each Project Manager. Sign up and see how easy it is to control the budgets of the projects using KeyPM.