Efficient planning

KeyPM is a platform which allows to plan works related to project execution quickly and easily. Thanks to automatic mechanisms, it is possible to create, modify and control schedules of created projects and structures of project teams. KeyPM will automatically select the most appropriate project structure, notify about any important tasks and alarm if any delay occurs.

Efficient monitoring

Interactive diagrams allow to monitor the execution of planned tasks and load of the project team. A direct preview of the project progress allows to quickly respond to existing risks, and the possibility of entering dynamic changes in the schedule and ability to freely move resources between projects will make project the management a way more efficient. KeyPM allows to monitor the progress of single projects and extensive project portfolios thanks to which it is possible to have a comprehensive insight onto all projects under way.

Quick delegation

Intuitive communication mechanisms, in particular the chat feature and automatic project messages, facilitate the delegation of obligations among project team members. The possibility of operating on shared resources by many organizations allows the entire project team to have the current information on the project. Each team member may track priorities, monitor the execution and define progress of their tasks and cooperate with many teams, Customers and Contractors from a single place. Thanks to this the communication within the team has never been simpler.